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Store and Share Files Online

Office 365's OneDrive offers Online Cloud Storage that lets you store your important data, documents and files and access them on any device even when you are not connected to internet. Get 1 TB of storage space per email account – i.e. each employee gets 1 TB storage space.

Large 1 TB Memory for Online File Storage

Office 365 comes with OneDrive that provides 1TB per user storage space in the cloud. That means every employee of your organization gets 1 TB space to store his files.

Documents and Data Accessible on Mobile

All the data and files you store on OneDrive are automatically synced on your mobile and tablet, so that you don't have to depend on any one device to access your important documents. If you edit a document on one particulate device, the document will be updated on all other devices simultaneously.

Share Heavy Files without Having to Email

OneDrive allows you to share documents with others without having to email heavy attachments, significantly saving your time and data. Just set the permission for a person to view you're a particular document and it's shared with the specific person only.

Work on Documents Together

OneDrive allows you to work on documents together with your team. Set permissions for your employees, who can access, view or edit the documents. Also, set notifications for you and even your employees, when a change is made in the document.

Backup and Privacy

With OneDrive, your critical data is saved online by default, so it is backed up automatically. All files that are stored in OneDrive are private by default.

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