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Conduct Online Meetings and Web Conferences

Meet and connect with your employees and customers anytime through unlimited video or audio conferencing via Microsoft Skype for Business – included in your Office 365 Business Productivity Suite.

Online Meetings and Video Web Conferencing

Conduct meetings with your customers, partners and employees anywhere, anytime through unlimited video or audio conferencing via Microsoft Skype for Business. Each meeting can have up to 250 participants at a time.

Share Documents and Presentations, Ask questions and Conduct Polls

Share documents live during meetings instantly on your screen with all participants instead of sending them separately before or after meetings. Ask questions, conduct polls, make sketches on whiteboard during online meetings to make conversations engaging.

Send Instant Messages

Send instant messages to your team, and connect with in an instant to get quick responses using the Skype for Business Instant Messenger. Microsoft Skype for Business Presence Indicator allows you to check the current status of an employee online – available/ busy/ off-work or more.

Synchronized with your E-mail

Microsoft Skype for Business is synced with the business email that comes with Office 365, so all your scheduled meetings are synchronized with your mail calendar. Also, see calendars of all your employees to find when they are busy or available, and send meeting requests only when they are available to connect.

Upgrade Existing Voice Infrastructure at No Cost

Microsoft Skype for Business offers the capabilities of both video and audio calling for unlimited use and that too at no extra cost. Thus, providing much upgraded features over existing voice infrastructure and significantly reducing the costs.

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