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Business Disaster Recovery.

How fast could your business recover if your network servers were suddenly out of services?

As we put more and more of our business processes on our networks, plans to ensure business continuity for key IT services and business critical applications have become an even more essential requirement.

Business Continuity can be defined as the processes, procedures, decisions and activities to ensure that an organisation can continue to function through an operational interruption. ITech Support Business Continuity solutions have been designed to support an organisation’s Business Continuity strategy – partly by enabling crises and disasters to be avoided, but if they do happen, by allowing the organisation to return to 'business as usual' as swiftly as possible through the development of proactive and reactive plans. The iTech business continuity service involves either recommending technology solutions to support an existing Business Continuity plan, or providing guidance in building a plan from scratch.

"As we rely on technology more than ever before,
we need to work out how to stay in business in the event of disaster."